Coping with Divorce

Who do you turn to when your world is tipped upside down? 

I never thought it would happen to me. I loved my husband with all of my heart, ‘til death us do part. I was so proud of him and our family. When out of the blue, he said he wanted to leave, my world tipped upside down.

I have found God to be trustworthy throughout my life in the big and little things, but now; in a state of shock I knew that only He could help me through this. I had to make it, for the sake of the children.

I was hanging on to him with all my might – or was he hanging on to me?

Broken Heart

Worse than bereavement

It’s worse than bereavement, people don’t know what to say. They want to know the gossip, but don’t want to take sides. They are scared to become involved in case ‘it’ rubs off on their marriages.

I found a few good God-given friends who encouraged and supported me by day.

But in the night when I was alone I would cry out to God. My journal of that time is full of my heart’s cries followed by Bible verses of comfort, peace and praise. These were very dark days as I worked through the grief and pain of a broken heart. The love bubble had burst and there were stains on the past and a black hole for the future.

I had become a statistic. One in three marriages end in divorce. Problems in the lives of many children, teenagers and adults are traced back to a broken home.

Solace in God

I found solace in giving God all my worries and problems, particularly for the children. The Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23) has been a significant passage. God has brought healing, forgiveness and a hopefulness for the future – it’s still very scary, and emotionally tough at times, but I am learning lots, trusting to hear from God and trying not to let my emotions rule my day.

I know that this journey so far has brought me closer to God – that I am special, valued and unique. I have purpose in God’s plans, which are certainly not what I had thought. I am growing in confidence to be the person God made me to be, and to love him as he loves me.

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