Update on the Trip to Malawi

Enjoy this slideshow of Vicky, Rebecca and Abby’s trip to Malawi.

They spent a week in Malawi on behalf of FRC Dignity giving out pads to Primary Schools and developing partnerships. They took with them 200 bags of Dignity for the girls in Nyzerzera Primary School. The bags contained reusable sanitary pads, knickers and other personal hygiene items.

While they were there, the team discovered just how life-changing these packs will be for so many girls.

Developing Partnerships

14006_862385813802203_1650139268918849721_nAs well as handing out the packs, Vicky and the team were involved in developing a partnership with GILEP (Girls in Leadership Empowerment Programme) in helping to empower the girls to be able to say NO to sexual demands and YES to a better future.

GILEP believes in the education of girls and training them to say NO as well as helping them to understand God’s best way of living. The team spent time with village chiefs and discussed ways of promoting and developing Ulemu Dignity.

Meaning of Ulemu Dignity

Ulemu means respect for God, respect for self and respect for parents and community. Ulemu brings health and God’s order and code for living. Girls are taken on weekend retreats by GILEP known as “showers”. They are then sent back home to be role models for their friends and younger students.

This partnership means that FRC Dignity is now working in four different schools, namely Nyzezrera, Chiwawa, Khombie and Hope Village. Each school will have a different strategy; some will be taught how to produce the pads for themselves, others will be given “Days for Girls” kits. Some will be given pads made by widows in Malawi.

Three Hundred Girls already empowered

10689751_862124710494980_3786447764313983189_nWhat is so exciting to report is that, potentially, we have already reached 300 girls. With a new and developing strategy we may reach another 100 girls by February! The Ulemu Dignity project will do more than simply supply sanitary pads. It will also provide school fees for 15 girls who have previously dropped out as they could not afford the £10 annual school fee. In addition it will provide toilets in the school in Nyzerzera to give the girls a safe place to change their pads.

The project will provide school resources such as maths and science books. It will explore ways of fixing a bore hole in Khombie Village as well as looking at setting up a health clinic in the same village. Currently, villagers are faced with a 15km walk to their nearest health facility.

Vicky and the team learnt many things on their week-long trip. It confirmed what they already knew, that God wants to set people free from shame and poverty. Ulemu Dignity is doing just that. God is using this project and those partnering in it. He is demonstrating through them his amazing wealth, kindness and grace. Please keep praying for Dignity.

New Website

If you would like to donate to Ulemu-Dignity for Girls please text £3/£5/£10  FRCD01 to 70070. To find out other ways you can get involved check out the new Dignity website  and help make a difference in the lives of many more girls and young women.

“Instead of your shame, you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours” Isaiah 61:7

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