Letter to Santa

I wonder what’s on your Christmas list this year. If you could ask for anything at all what would it be?Santa-reading-letter

My daughter has asked for just one present this year.

A trumpet.

Most of her friends are hoping for an Anna or Elsa doll. If you’ve seen the film Frozen you will know what I mean. Oh and the dresses. They all want to look like Anna and Elsa. Well, mainly Elsa. It’s the In Thing for a five year old girl. My daughter loves these things too. She is also an avid Frozen fan. So imagine my surprise when she handed me her letter to Father Christmas and there it was. Underneath a very sweet picture she had drawn of Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger (just in case He didn’t know the story) was a picture of a shiny trumpet.


My heart sank.
I pictured the scene on Christmas Day; serenaded, for want of a better word, by a novice trumpeter who knows only one pitch. Loud. Wondering just how long this new found interest in music (I use the term lightly) would last.  Not to mention how our lovely new neighbours who never make a sound might feel! But her heart is set on it. Admittedly, she wrote her letter in early July. Not put off by a wait of six months she was determined to make her request known. She has also been happy to wait for her wish to come true. And, when I casually asked her the other day if she wanted to write a new, updated letter to Father Christmas, the answer was very clear.  “No, he knows what I want, I’ve already told him”. Confident that he had heard her request, there was no further need to remind him and she certainly hadn’t changed her mind either (much to my personal disappointment!) I should add that she has also prayed to God for a trumpet on a fair few occasions so I guess she is covering all bases!

The Father’s Heart

And in that moment I saw just how God wants us to come to him with our hearts desires. Like a child. He is our Heavenly jesus-holding-girlFather and knows us and loves us deeply. He wants us to be free to come to Him and simply give him our longings and desires. Then, he wants us to trust Him enough to know that we can leave them with him until such a time as he decides is right. Of course, that doesn’t mean we will always get what we ask for. Sometimes we ask for things that do not fit into His plan or purpose for our lives. Sometimes we ask for things that may harm us, though we can’t see it. And sometimes we ask for things that we never get, and it’s hard to know why.
The bible says…..

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

That’s the key. Whatever it is you are asking God for in your life, take it to him and leave it there. As you leave it there you can take hold of that peace he gives. It’s a peace that says, I’ve heard you, I love you and I know what’s best for you. Trust me.

Peace and Trumpets!

And when we do that, we really can know that incredible peace that goes beyond anything we can understand. It gives us the ability to somehow carry on with our daily lives even when circumstances are not as we would wish and our prayers seem unanswered.

The trumpet is wrapped. Actually, it’s a shiny plastic imitation one that makes a trumpet like sound, but hey, she’s only five!

The wait will soon be over. All that’s left is to warn the neighbours!

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