Prayers to Unlock 2015

Psalm 68:11,14
The Lord speaks. The enemy flees. The women at home cry out the happy news:
“The armies that came to destroy us have fled!” Now all the women of Israel are dividing the booty. See them sparkle with jewels of silver and gold, covered all over as wings cover doves! God scattered their enemies like snowflakes melting in the forests of Zalmon.

Unlock seeds

2015 is the Hebrew year 5775 and has been called the year of the whirlwind. It is a year in which we truly can expect God to do awesome things in and through us. As leaders then ask Him to unlock the seeds of your potential this year and as He does to give us the courage to step out in faith and run.

Unlock strengths

Ask Him to remind you what you are good at and to show you how He intends you to run in the fullness of this.

Unlock the new

Ask you ask Him for the new wine/ideas and strategies for the season reflect on what you are prepared to “release” or “let go of” to make room for the “new”.

Unlock personal change

Remembering that new wine cannot be poured into an old skin therefore seek and receive His grace to change as He prompts you. Be completely honest with Him about any struggles, fears, doubts, disappointments or concerns.

Unlock passionate pursuit

As He will lead you on new pathways and routes this year seek greater intimacy with Him. Commit to a passionate pursuit of Him even as the deer pants for the water.

Unlock determination

Remember that if you haven’t been this way before you can be tempted to retreat to familiar places and old comfort zones. Ask for a steely determination and the bravery to pursue His highest purpose for you above your own comfort.

May our precious Holy Spirit draw close to you and massage your heart as you commit yourself to Him even more deeply. May He open your eyes to see beyond what you are used to and to hear the communications of the Father’s throne room.

May the Lord be your succourer, strengthener and ever present help even as you renew your strength in His presence and your mind by His word.

May you hear the affectionate, intimate whispers of our beloved Father as you lay your head upon His chest, connect with His heartbeat and receive instructions for the way forward.

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