Bringing Dignity to Girls and Women

So many women have achieved ‘dignity’  thanks to your generous donations.

Girls in Nyezerera, Malawi, waiting patiently for their life packs

Girls in Nyezerera, Malawi, waiting patiently for their life packs

Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect. It is one of the primary words in the first article of the universal declaration of human rights, so it seemed a fitting name for the project.

Over nine million African girls suffer from shame and miss nearly a quarter of their education due to lack of menstruation provision. This results in the girls staying at home during their period – with all sorts of consequences for their education, vocation and human rights.

How did we know about the need?

In November 2013, Mary Shawa, the Permanent Secretary for Gender in Malawi asked Pastor Abby Olufeyimi (Builders House) for help getting girls sanitary pads so that they could finish their schooling. This small cry for help was shared with Vicky and her heart was stirred to do something to restore dignity for these girls.

What did we do about it?

They invited Kunle Onabolu, the founder of African Child Trust, to help them and Ulemu-Dignity was started. Kunle also visited Malawi and discovered GILEP (Girls in Leadership Empowerment Project) who were providing pads and knickers with very few resources and an impressive vision. In October, Abbey, Vicky, Rebecca and Eko visited Malawi and gave 300 girls their dignity by providing them with Dignity Life Packs created by Days for Girls.

Why is working in partnerships so important?

Trying to solve a big problem is overwhelming but God often puts the solutions together in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. We all need to be faithful with the skills and vision we have received. GILEP, African Child Trust, Builders House, Days for Girls and Free Range Chicks all contribute to bringing dignity to girls and women.

We are holding a conference to discuss how we restore the dignity of girls and women around the globe not just in Malawi. Exposing these undignified, life stealing issues in education, politics and the community and together becoming a voice for the voiceless. The Founder of GILEP Veronica Gnoni will be speaking about how she has pioneered for the dignity of girls in Malawi and Ruth Dearnly CEO will be speaking about ‘Being a voice for the voiceless girls trapped’ through being trafficked. There are strong evidential links between lack of menstruation provision and violation.

We would like you to come and bring your friends. Your support and presence would be so encouraging. We believe every girl deserves to stay in school, we hope you do too.

Women are often the economic lynchpin of families in developing contexts, enabling better menstruation provision gives whole family units freedom to flourish. Join us as we discuss how we can restore dignity to girls and women all over the World, not just in Malawi.

Further to all this work – Four years on, Dignity is Growing!  Find out more about what we have been doing to expand our desire to give dignity to all women in need, in Dignity News


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