Surrendering All?

Salvation is free, but making Jesus Lord of your life demands that you surrender your all to Him. Are you ready for that? Are you willing?stock-photo-1525828-open-hands-on-white

Precious Father when I read these lines something in me trembles……trembles as I look at my past performances……straggling, unfinished, incomplete and often incoherent. Fractured, broken bits of trying-to-do-well. Incomprehensible efforts so often reflections of not-quite-getting the-right-end-of-the-stick.

And cowed I wonder whether the bursting need to say yes, yes, yes Lord will only be mocked by the feeble follow up of fresh broken commitments and vows.

Yet I know deep inside that feeble or not there is this flame of passion that refuses to die, refuses to be extinguished. And through the weariness my heart recalls the truth that He with whom we have to do does not break bruised reeds nor snuff out smouldering wicks…

So I lift my head and feel a surge of hope – a heartbeat of “I can” in my chest and in that moment I know that I am His prisoner of hope.

I know that I can give Him my all. Once again I can mount the altar and lay myself down. I can trust Him to prepare me – His living sacrifice, to make me, to accept me and in the place of yieldedness yet one more time my heart whispers another “yes”. For truly You know that I love You my Lord.

Your beloved daughter


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