What’s Your Name?



My daughter has recently learnt to say her name. It’s a major achievement as she has a learning disability and we have spent a long time helping her to understand her name. Now she can say it there is no stopping her! Every time she catches sight of herself in a mirror she says her name. Over and over again. Her name has a meaning too. It means ‘protected by God’. Strangely, we only discovered this meaning AFTER we had named her.

You see, my daughter, Hazel, has Down’s syndrome. Doctors did not expect her to survive the pregnancy. And, when by a miracle, she did, Hazel became one of a very small number of babies with the condition who are not aborted along the way. God had protected her, there is no doubt. Even her name bears witness to that.

God has a name for you. In fact, He has many names for you.  Here are just a few….

He calls you Chosen (Colossions 3:12).

Imagine that! I used to dread those sports lessons at school when teams were ‘chosen’. The elite, those who were good at sport always got picked first. Those of us not blessed with athletic ability were often last to be picked – usually in a kind of “if I have to” way. God, however, does not make His selection on our abilities or otherwise. In fact God chooses the ‘weak’ every time. He wants us to be with Him. In His team. On His side. Closer than that though. He wants us to be intimate with Him. You are ‘Chosen by God ‘today.

He calls you His treasured possession. (Deuteronomy 7:6)

You are so incredibly valuable to Him. You are priceless. God treasures you more than you will ever know. He keeps you in a safe place. He protects you. He delights in looking at you and enjoying all He has created you to be. You are worth more than any precious stone or earthly possessions.

He calls you His daughter. (2 Corinthians 6:18)

You are His child. Perhaps you have never really known the love of a father or maybe you have lost your father in recent years. God wants you to know that He is your Father. You do not have to miss out on that special relationship. You are His daughter.

He calls you Beloved (Song of Songs 2:16)

God is in love with you. He wants to be with you. He wants to spend all His time with you. He wants to take time each day showing His love for you in so many ways. You are His beloved.

God has so many more names for you it’s almost impossible to take them all in! Why not spend time today finding out some more names? The Bible is full of them!  And, if you have trouble believing that they are for you, then ask God to reveal them to you in personal and intimate ways. Write them in a journal, carry them with you through your day and meditate on them. Allow God to speak His love for you through the names He has given you today.

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