Women of Influence ‘Stronger’ Retreat

Did you know that our minds process 400 billion actions per second?! Did you also know that we are wired for LOVE, fear, on the other hand, is learnt.strongwoman

How to hear, listen and work with the Holy Spirit and become and remain strong was the emphasis of the recent Women of Influence retreat at the beautiful House of Bread, Shipston on Stour.

Focussing on what the Bible says in

2 Timothy 1:7… It’s not God who has given us a spirit of fear but He has given us a Spirit of POWER, of LOVE and a sound, calm and well balanced MIND.

we explored the impact of fear on ourselves, our family and the result of dwelling on fear. We were reminded that we can overcome fear and remain strong because fear does not originate from God. If we take the time to hear, listen and obey the Holy Spirit, He will help us to remain and become stronger from the inside out. He gives us strength, courage and boldness to rise above our circumstances.

Loving those who are difficult to Love

We explored how we can really love those we find difficult to love. God is love and we have the ability to love like He does because we are made in His image, in His likeness. As we are wired for LOVE by the Creator, we are not victims, we can control our reactions. How we think affects our choices which affect our spirit, soul and body.

Finally we looked at how we can stay connected with God so we can remain and become stronger by meditating on specific verses related to power, love, mind and not being fearful.


Here is what some of the women who came had to say about the weekend…

“The venue is a lovely peaceful prayerful retreat centre, and the Chicks team demonstrated God’s love, acceptance and fun beautifully. It was wonderful to hear and chew over what the Bible says about fear, God’s power and love, and how my mind works. The idea that research now shows humans are wired for love is amazing; God created not just our souls and spirits but our brains to seek His love. It made me realise I have perceived myself as ‘needy’ in my thirst for God’s love and my determination to push deeper, and I’ve felt slightly guilty about it; not anymore! I loved the worship, soaking and prayer times, a powerful sense of the awesome healing presence of God. I know I am stronger for experiencing this retreat.”  Ruth


“When the details of the Women of Influence retreat came through, I knew it was for me. The title ‘Stronger’ and the theme for the weekend ‘For you do not have a spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind’ from 2Timothy spoke powerfully, as did the graphic of a woman running on a race track on the flyer. I was open for God to do whatever He wanted in my life. This is a verse which has been easy for me to quote over the years but at times somewhat harder to walk in. Something within me wanted this truth to become more of a reality – It has such far reaching implications. The setting of the Mill provided peaceful and comfortable surroundings and the presence of God was tangible – a much needed and welcome retreat from the busyness of recent months. Those attending were united in a love for God, a desire to know Him better and to pursue His purposes for our lives so that we can be a powerful and loving influence in the world around us. Everyone was kind and welcoming and the team served with Christ-like hearts. All this underpinned with the usual Free Range Chicks fun and freedom. God met with me powerfully. As I write, I face the Edinburgh marathon at the weekend (hence the appeal of the flyer) which is something that has highlighted a complex entry point in my life for the enemy to use fear and intimidation. I had longed to be free of this for years and this was my time. Through the powerful and insightful teaching and sensitive prayer the Holy Spirit did far more than I can ask, think or imagine. What God did, in His grace, in my life over the weekend will also bring healing to others. So, now I can walk to the start line of the marathon, not ‘crippled’ with fear and know that I can run the race He has for me in His strength (together with my hard work in training!), pressing on for the prize, keeping my eyes on Him and therefore fulfilling a wider purpose for my life, but all for His glory. Something I want for every part of my life not just the Edinburgh Marathon!” Jenny

Shikala Mansfield

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