Prayers for Vicky’s Family and Legacy

Dear praying people,

in prayer this morning I’ve been inspired by the words from Vicky’s brilliant son Jon who said 11241025_10205899766565844_5599382575084711831_o“you may have lost the battle mum but you won the war! Your legacy will be ever present”.

I’ve also been stirred by messages from Liz Jones and Debbie Bullock in the last 24 hours speaking of Vicky’s legacy, Kingdom purpose and the amazing gospel of Jesus for which we live and by His grace are also privileged to die.

And so today Father as we pray we think on Vicky’s legacy and sacrifice. We lift up her every seed sown that we can call to mind.

The seeds of love, friendship, fellowship, passion, compassion, gifts, prayer and direction that she sowed in her marriage to Alistair, in her children, in her wider family, friends and indeed in the lives of whomsoever she met at the stations, cafes, in parks and on the roads of life.

Lord You said that unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone. But that if it dies it brings forth much fruit.

Now Father look upon the sacrifice of Vicky’s life and bless and multiply the multi-faceted seeds that it represents. Breathe on each person, circumstance and situation that she touched and bring forth multiplied harvests in Jesus’ name.

Thank You Lord for better homes, better marriages, for deeper and more transparent relationships, for perceptive, sensitive and servant hearted leaders, for fun-filled days of joy in Your presence and for Free Range Chicks the ministry that embodies every value for which Vicky lived with such passion in Jesus name.


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