Tribute to Vicky Taylor by Christine Britton

A Voicevicky-taylor-270x250

There’s a voice missing in my life

A voice that cheered me on, that built me up, that would never let me believe the lies.
A voice that showed me God is love. That He is forgiving and compassionate and kind; because that’s how she was.
A voice that heard the Father’s whispers, and shared them with everyone.
A voice that shared her failures and mistakes, and let us laugh with her and learn with her.

A voice unafraid to be herself, that told me over and over, it’s okay to be me.
A voice that was everybody’s friend. That loved us and cheered us on no matter how well we knew her, however little or great.

A voice full of encouragement and wisdom, wrapped in a smile ready for fun.
A voice that saw into me with God’s eyes. So I was never afraid for her to see me, because she saw the worst and believed the best.

A voice that believed in me far better than I have ever believed in myself.
A voice that never gave up believing I would be the best of me.
That voice is missing in my life, because she is with the Father now.
At peace. Seeing and experiencing her heart’s desire.

And though that audible voice is gone, I hear her still.
Whispering: you can do it. Go for it. Don’t shrink back. Don’t be small.
Reach for it. Achieve it. Be big and loud and bright. Shine bright for Jesus.
He is in you. Listen to His voice, follow Him. He will guide you.
Be all He’s made you to be. Be all He’s calling you to be.
He loves you. You cannot begin to believe how much.
You think I was on your side, cheering you on? How much more is He.
He is your advocate, your intercessor, your cheerleader, your guide.
He is your constant companion, your truest friend.
He is your life. Live for Him.
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