Saying Yes

My daughter said yes for the first time the other day.  Yes!

And before you assume that this is one of those annoying proud mummy moments that often fill social media giving you the urge to click on something else -stay with me!

You know the sort…mums desperate to announce to the world the latest potty training achievement of their darling offspring or the fact they can count to ten in three different languages (yes I am guilty of that sort of thing!)

No. Not that.

She said yes. YES.

My daughter is 4 years old and has speech and language delays.

I asked her a question. I asked her if she would like to play on her swing.


Most of the time she simply babbles or grunts. So to hear her affirmative so clearly was a wonderful and incredible moment. Joyously so.

She heard the question. She understood the question. She knew it was what she wanted to do and she somehow found the word she needed.


Simple yet profound.

It got me thinking.

About those times in my life when God has asked me a question but I haven’t been able to find the answer. The right answer. Oh I had it, it was there all along but I couldn’t or wouldn’t bring myself to say it. Yes.

Instead I would make excuses. Find a reason why I couldn’t say the word. Justify to myself and maybe to others why I shouldn’t be doing it. Resisting doing whatever it was that I knew in my heart I should be doing.

Saying no came oh so easily. Saying yes was much harder.

The joy I experienced when my precious child uttered yes was exhilarating.

God delights in us. His precious children.

His love is constant, of course. He loves us when we obey Him and He still loves us even when we disobey Him. But when we say yes to Him…yes to whatever it is He has called us to do for Him, however big or small, then…then….we can be sure that He is literally beaming with delight. Indeeed, all heaven is cheering us on and celebrating this milestone in our lives.

Yes. She said YES!

What is it God is asking you to say yes to today?

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