Precious Eggs at Easter

I love collecting eggs. Not the sort you have for breakfast but pretty, colourful decorative ones. third-imperial-faberge-egg-wartskiAnd, every Easter I bring them out and hang them on the branches of my Easter ‘tree’ -a collection of plastic forsythia branches with yellow silk flowers that stand tall in a glass vase. I’ve had it a few years now and it’s starting to look a little worn out, but I still love it and have no desire to get rid of it.

So I was intrigued by a story I read a while back about a very expensive decorative Easter egg. Certainly not one I have I my collection though I wish I did! It was a Fabergé egg. Jewel encrusted, made for Russian Tsars as gifts for their wives or mothers. About fifty were made of which around forty or so have survived.

Valuable. Sought after. Irreplaceable.

This particular Faberge egg was found on an antique dealers stall and bought for a few thousand dollars. The buyer intended simply to sell it for scrap and didn’t know it’s true worth. So much so, it languished in his kitchen for over twelve years until he decided to Google it and, incredibly, found an article asking the question “Is this £20 million nest egg on your mantelpiece?”

It was. An Imperial Fabergé Easter egg. Not on his mantelpiece, but in his kitchen along with all the other paraphernalia you might expect to find there. Overlooked. Of little importance.

The egg was one of 50 created by Fabergé for the Russian Royal family. Measuring 8.2cm high, it was given by Tsar Alexander III to the Tsarina for Easter 1887. It was not perfect, it had some flaws – years of not being cared for particularly had taken its toll. Yet it was still hugely valuable, some would say priceless!

Needless to say, the owner of the egg suddenly became a very rich man overnight!

I love stories like that. When someone discovers worth in something they had long thought of as worthless. It has so many parallels with the message of Easter.

The Bible says that God loved the world so much he sent his only son Jesus to die for us. He did not think we are worthless. He knew our worth, he saw our flaws and our failings and yet he still loved us and still valued us. Highly.

He paid the highest price for us. Jesus. On the cross.

Do you feel as though your life has little or no value? Have you been tossed aside by others at some point in your life? Has someone told you your life is of little consequence? That you are not important? Worthless?

Then I want you to know that God has other ideas about you.

He sees you. He knows you. He loves you.

You are more precious to Him than any amount of gold, money or jewels. You are not worthless. You are loved beyond measure by Him and He is ready to show you that love if only you would let Him.

Whether you have been a Christian for many years or have never really thought much about God before, His message of love and complete acceptance is for you.

God is waiting to lift you out of that state of worthlessness. He knows your value and he wants you to know your true worth. He wants to reinstate you as his child. His daughter. A daughter of the King.

Why not ask God to show you just how much he loves you today?

This Easter I pray that you will allow God to take you out of your own personal place of obscurity and into his presence – where you can sparkle and shine as the woman he intends you to be.

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