For All the Dreamers….

As a mum to 3 teenagers, I’ve been to a lot of school parents evenings. Had the glowing reports, the odd showdown. It even took me ten minutes once to realise I was talking with the wrong teacher.

At my most recent parents evening, the recurring theme was this: my child is a dreamer, who needs to get focussed.

By the time the 4th or 5th teacher asked them “What am I going to say?” (usually as an opening statement) my child didn’t need to get focussed to know the answer.

Now, I’m a mum – I can get defensive when my kids are criticised. But I know as well as anyone that they aren’t perfect, and this wasn’t what started to get my goat.

I began wondering why being “a dreamer” was presented as such a negative thing.

Not one teacher suggested dreaming could be useful.

Even the science teacher who admitted to being a dreamer himself.

As a writer, and a leader of a charity, my job is to dream. It’s how I make my living, help the charity find new ways to support people. And I know it’s not just me.

There are billions of you out there – inventors, visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs. All of you who ever ask that question, “what if..?”

After all, without dreamers, where would the human race still be?

Yes, we need doers

Action people, who focus, work hard, organise, get ‘A’s on every test. I do my fair share of doing too.

But I’m excited to have a child who’s a dreamer. Who wonders and imagines and asks “what if?” He may sometimes appear to be doing nothing, but how much of what we enjoy, take for granted, couldn`t live without, started with a dream?

And if we need dreams, we need to encourage our dreamers.

So, for you doers out there, it`s worth remembering to give us dreamers a bit of space to do our thing.
And for you dreamers, make sure you find some time to dream – and when you dream a good one, have a go at doing something about it.

Are you a dreamer, or a doer?

Do you dream for fun, or for work (or both?)

What are you dreaming about at the moment?

I’d love to hear from you!

Beth Moran.


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