Want to be a Game Changer?

Lots of people struggle with change. It seems to be in our nature as human beings to find Chess-45484siq5ek35eu1-1patterns, establish routines, stick with what we know.

How many people in your church tend to sit in the same seats every week?

We get unsettled when our supermarket swaps the food about, or if our bus to work takes a new route. So it’s no surprise that recent events in our nation, and across the world, have left many feeling anxious and fearful about the future.

At the start of this month, a group of Free Range Chicks gathered in Derbyshire for the game changers conference. The timing seemed significant. Because, even for those of us who look around and don’t know what on earth is going on, we do know this – the game is changing. And at a faster, more furious rate than it has done in quite a while.

Making Choices

So, this leaves us with a choice: we can worry about it, do our best to ignore it. Try to fight against change or moan about it on social media. Or we can choose to get up, stick on our jersey and get in the game. To be game changers.

For those of us who follow Jesus, this is our calling, our purpose and our destiny. It always has been, but there is an opportunity at the moment like there hasn’t been in a long time. Are we going to make sure we have a say it how the game changes, in what it becomes? In my training as an antenatal teacher, I learnt that in times of great change (such as becoming a parent) people tend to be open to new ideas and reconsidering their beliefs.

New Eras New Opportunities

In antenatal classes I would use that opportunity to teach some facts about things like how incredible women’s bodies are and what babies actually need (compared to what the baby equipment manufacturers try to tell you they need!) But this is one of those times for our society. A new era is being birthed, and people are looking for truth. For something solid they can plant their feet on. For hope that is real. Our friends, neighbours, work colleagues and families want to know the right thing to do and the best way to move forward.

Now, I’m not suggesting we have the answers! I certainly don’t. But, as the saying goes, I know a man who does. More than that, I know the one who is the answer, to every problem we could ever face – Jesus. I`m excited, in this time of change, about the opportunity to point more people to him. Have you considered about how you can respond to the events around us in a way that will change the game for the better?



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