Under African Sky

Debbie Bullock, a long-time friend to Free Range Chicks and her husband John are living and working in Tanzania. Their heart is for the children they help care for in an orphanage.

This beautiful video tells the story of how lives are being touched in this beautiful country:

School Video https://youtu.be/vWMmhu8nGDQ

Following their return to Tanzania after time spent in the UK, Debbie debbie-and-john-bullockwrites:

To say this last month didn’t go as we planned is an understatement! As we got back into life in Tanzania, we began to feel an unsettling which, in general, has been the way God has got our attention in our previous moves.

Without going into too much detail, Tanga, for now, isn’t the best place to openly continue with an international church. Also, our orphanage and school are in Arusha as you know and we feel that if we are to take both of these projects forward, we need to be closer. At present we are seven hours away. So….. one Saturday morning, a few weeks ago, as John and I were praying, talking, thinking, we made the decision to move.

We are moving to a place called Moshi which is about five hours from Tanga and one and a half hours from Arusha. The most exciting thing about this move is that on the first day we went to look for property, for the kids, within a few hours, we had found one!


We feel very excited about this move, but we would value your prayers as the next couple of months will be very busy and unsettling in the sense of everything that needs to happen in order for the kids to have everything they need and for us as we are leaving our home and won’t have a permanent place until we come back after Christmas. We will stay on the base for this next couple of months.
So it has been a strange, exciting, unnerving, and uncertain time, but we are in close talks with our Father and He’s told us that as long as we love Him, EVERYTHING will work out for good.

faraja-houseWelcome to the new Faraja House! We are so very excited to be moving our lovely kids to this place! We have estimated that with rent, staff, food etc.. this project is going to cost us £1000 per month. We already have one church that has come in for £100 and also a few individuals for which we are very grateful! If we got just 9 other churches, we will have reached the target! If you think you can help, please write to us and we can take it from there! Nine churches or individuals at £100 – it’s nothing, right?

Contact Debbie Bullock: deb@agapelife.co.uk

Follow Debbie and John on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/agapelifeinternational/?fref=ts

This beautiful video tells the story of what Debbie and John are doing in Tanzania.

School Video https://youtu.be/vWMmhu8nGDQ

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