War Room

Most people think that prayer is a good idea. Many even think it’s a great idea. Yet how many people stop praying, lose their confidence or even feel as though they “lose” more than they female-pilot“win” in prayer?

Earlier this year I was blessed when part of a relaxing weekend away with a close friend included an evening watching the film “War Room” with some like-minded lady intercessors.

Truth is, that written and spoken prayer, praying with others, books on prayer, prayer resources and all things devotional have always touched something deep in the core of who I am. So, it was perhaps not surprising that I was enjoying a film about prayer.

Going Deeper

However, what happened to and in me was actually so much deeper than just enjoying a film.

As I watched the movie I felt the prayer desire on the inside firing up into a blaze.  And I also dressed-for-warsensed a deep wrenching calling to personal intercession and to encouraging others into that same place. I felt the burning heart of Jesus, the Great Intercessor, drawing on my heart and calling me to travel further in the things of prayer. I felt impressed upon to go in deeper and climb up higher in the Spirit. That evening, I also felt a mission to get the word out that it was time to pray like never before; to make it clear that in God we were and are architects of destiny. It’s time to fight in prayer for our life situations and circumstances, our homes, families, churches and nations. It’s time to war – to win.

I was utterly lost in the film and got up from it undone, different, changed. Mantled with fresh insights and determination.

Since then I’ve been poring over war manuals, prayer booklets, devotionals and apps as well as revisiting treasured resources from favourite authors. I find that I’m praying and can’t wait to hit my “Prayer closet” these days with one petition or other to see God’s Kingdom will released on earth and in someone’s life.

The War room is the place where in God we set God’s heavenly agenda for what will take place here on earth.

At a FRC women’s meeting a few years ago we were looking at names of God.

army-bootsJo Pestell (unsurprisingly one of our trustees today!) shared a special name of God with us. She talked of God as the Master Strategist and indeed He is. He is the only one who can lead, guide and direct us. He alone causes us to outmanoeuvre the enemy’s schemes.

I can’t wait for our God-ordained get together at “Divine” this week! I know that God is sending His strategists and generals as well as those who will be signing up for God assignments for the very first time. So see you there, dressed for war!



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