If you’re anything like me, you will have spent the last couple of weeks avoiding cake! Or chocolate, or biscuits, or anything else you may have over indulged on during the Christmas period.coming-soon-cakes

Every week I take my disabled daughter to her riding lesson. There are always homemade goodies there in the arena for the volunteers and visitors.  Usually cake, sometimes biscuits as well. Today was no exception. A gloriously ganached chocolate cake sat proudly on the desk inside the arena. A thing of beauty. Mary Berry would surely approve of such a magnificent creation!

It always makes me smile that the cakes are usually left out in the open. Not too far from the ponies and probably breaking every catering rule of health and safety that there is! I like it. Eat at your own risk! And they do. And it’s ok. No one has died.

But it’s not only the volunteers who are partial to a Victoria sponge or a Swiss roll.

robinDM1405_468x293The resident robin is also keen on cake and can often be found perched nearby on a rafter waiting for his moment to swoop down and scoop up the crumbs that have been dropped as each slice is taken. A veritable feast for this particular feathered fellow!

But what amuses me is his restraint. You see, it would be quite easy for him to help himself to the entire cake. He’d get away with it easily, and even make return visits if he wanted to. Instead, he waits. For crumbs that others drop, as and when. That’s enough for him.

But he needn’t wait. He could have the whole cake. Thankfully, for us humans, he doesn’t. But he could.

As I watched him waiting and swooping down on the tiniest of meals, whilst the cake sat nearby, I felt as if God said to me, “I have so much more for you than the crumbs you wait for.”

God has been inviting me to end my diet. Stop my spiritual calorie counting and start indulging again. For too long, I have been satisfied with so little of Him. Content with a sermon on a Sunday, or a mid-week meeting and the occasional retreat or conference event. All these things are good – very good, and they have felt like enough.

God has so much more – just waiting for me to take it. Indulge in it, embrace it. Dive head first into it even! He has been inviting me to a feast and yet, so often, I turn it down, content to settle for a diet of crumbs.

Psalm 23 v 5 says “You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies”

01feb5cf5b49e3e40af757b2fcfb3881How amazing is that?! God actually prepares a table, a banquet, a feast, for me! Not only that, but He does it right in front of my enemies! Those people who oppose me or try to bring me down and make me feel small. The devil himself has to watch me enjoy all that God has provided at this incredible table of blessing!

I believe that this New Year should be a time of feasting, not dieting! My prayer is that each of us will sit down at God’s table and enjoy this feast. That we will not be satisfied by so little – the crumbs, but look for the cake instead. That we will start to experience His blessing and His presence in our lives throughout each day, not just when we go to church or a conference.

At the beginning of 2017, why not ask God to help you see the table He has prepared for you?

Sit down to the feast. It’s all yours.



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