We are so pleased that we have been able to support the amazing work of the charity Sharewear with a gift of £250 from the Dignity Fund.

Louise Cooke founded the Sharewear Clothing scheme in 2014, after her son volunteered with a local food bank and told her families regularly came in and asked for clothes. sharewear volunteers

She realised clothing was a “hidden problem” because families are prioritising what little money they have to spend on food, heating and basic living necessities.

Challenged by Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:36, ‘I was naked and you clothed me,’ Louise approached a social action group at her Nottingham church, and the clothing bank was born.

Sharewear has seen incredible growth in the past 4 years. In 2017, 50 volunteers – many of whom are past service users – helped 4000 people receive high-quality clothing, shoes, bedding and bath towels. This included those affected by the Grenfell fire and victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

But Sharewear provides so much more than just clothes. Referrals can also access other support services, move out of negative networks and rebuild their lives by combating their current crises and creating change. And an essential part of that is restoring dignity, and renewing hope, through suitable clothing to wear, and towels to enable a proper wash.

SHAREWEAR vanThe service means people can attend interviews leading to work and training, send their children to school and keep warm, dry and healthy. They provided a man with his first suit, so he could feel appropriately dressed for his father`s funeral, and help women who have fled domestic abuse with only the clothes they were wearing.

So, Free Range Chicks were delighted to offer our support. Sarah Sinclair, the chair of trustees, let us know how the gift would help:

“This money will enable us to fuel our delivery van for 5 months. As you know, hundreds of people receive clothing support each month from us by our outreach service to other charities, so keeping our van on the road is a vital part of our service. We estimate that your donation will, therefore, help us to reach at least 1000 people who need clothing support over 5 months.”

If you want to find out more about Sharewear, you can have a look at their website, and watch the trailer for their new film Sharewear: Uncovered, the first free screening of which is June 9thin Nottingham.


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