Dignity Fund – Starfish Malawi

We are thrilled to have been able to support the charity Starfish Malawi with their Gateway project (Girls Access to Education) gateway malawiwith an initial donation of £1000 from the Dignity Fund. Not only is the Gateway project in Malawi, the same country as our original Dignity project, for the past 3 years it has been working towards the same aims:

  • To provide reusable sanitary hygiene kits to girls, so they can keep going to school during their period and complete their education
  • To form local women`s groups to produce and distribute the packs
  • To provide Christian courses for teenage girls to safely explore issues surrounding self-respect, identity and sexual health

They have achieved fantastic results so far, changing the lives of hundreds of young women, and as a result their families, communities, and families they will have in the future. We are looking forward to hearing a project report later in the year.

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