Your word for the Year

Cry: Father my family’s safety and my own fruitfulness is in Your hands. I know that in my head deliver me from fear Lord that it may rest in my heart.

It’s time to move away from being managed, manipulated, controlled by my own fears, internal pressures … to make

Father holding a scared girl

Father holding a scared girl

decisions freely ….based on knowing that God loves me and is planning for me.

Lord, I want a quality of peace and quiet assurance in You in my mind, heart and walk that I have not experienced to date. Precious Holy Spirit I ask that you overshadow me, that You fill me and that You lead and guide me. This is a new place for me and I cannot walk it without You.

Response: Daughter you have cried out for my presence and I will answer and also pour my grace out upon you.

Your word for this year is GRACE

In all things, I will show you my grace
Starting with your work – a role you were not looking for and in the area of ministry. Yes even in the place of momentum I will give you my grace.

Do not be afraid.
My presence and my grace will be your shield and covering.

I’ve seen you labour as one breaking rocks in a quarry. Serving in pain…
I didn’t call you to that and don’t ask it of you. Now receive my grace. Trust me.
I call you my beloved confidante.
Come back to my knee
The place of intimacy – of heart rest
Place your head on my chest
Under my chin
Daughter come rest on me
Rest in me
I am not upset with you
I am not disappointed in you
Even in your weakness, you are lovely to me
I love you
I have loved you with everlasting love
Drawn you with everlasting kindness
I am for you more than you can understand
I am with you and will be with you even to hoar hairs
Do not be afraid.

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