‘Child, I am with you’ by Kerry Snuggs

Kerry Snuggs shared a powerful poem she’d written at the Bloom Where You’re Planted conference. Both her courage in sharing and the story of how she came to write it, touched all of us. So many were blessed by the poem we asked Kerry if we could share it again:

Father holding a scared girl

“Following 21 years as a Police Officer and a significant injury on duty, I had to retire from the Police. I’ve found it a very difficult situation to handle and have since been diagnosed with PTSD. I heard God talking to me when I was at my lowest ebb and hit a very difficult time. This poem was written to remind me and others that no matter what you go through – God is there, he is our creator, our guidance and Goes before us in every situation and has his plan for us from the very beginning.


Child I am with you


Walking alongside you since you were born

Every day, from dusk till dawn.

You didn’t know me back then but I’ve always been here

Always so close, always so very near.


Through those dark times when days feel so tough.

Through those times when you’ve said “I’ve had enough”

Through the happier times and through the tears you’ve cried,

All of those times; Child I’ve never left your side.


Walk with me, I will never let you down.

Wipe those tears, you’re a child of God; fix your crown.

You have nothing to fear, please be strong

For these days won’t always be here, it won’t be long.


Child I am with you, call on my name.

Through the fear you feel, and any pain.

For I will listen and be with you always,

lean into me Child, for all of your days.


Those tears you’ve cried should be no more

Feel my presence Child, knock on my door.

Listen to the gentle breeze as I whisper to you.

Child of God, I am with you, I will always love you”.

Kerry Snuggs


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