This time last year I wrote a blog post telling you about my word for the year, “Simplicity” and how I was trying to live that out. It’s on the website here if you want to read that post –

I couldn’t have imagined how much life would change for me and my husband.IMG_0392

At first it was just me, slowing down, decluttering and trying to let go of areas of my life that didn’t fit and that I didn’t want to do any more. Doors closed and I found myself loving the simplicity. This was a slow process really that had begun about three years before. I was really enjoying it, the more I simplified, the more I wanted to do this more.

Meanwhile my husband’s life was anything but slow and simple, working very hard and very long hours in his own business, with no chance of this changing and no time to even think about that either.

But God clearly had all this in hand! Around September, completely out of the blue, my husband was given a chance to sell his share of the business and join me in a simpler life, changing careers and finding time to enjoy old interests and begin new ones too.

We couldn’t be happier! It is a huge privilege for which we are truly grateful.

I am learning that taking time to do what I enjoy is not only fulfilling and feeding my soul, I am learning that resting and sometimes just stopping is not only important for me, it is not something to feel guilty about.

IMG_1312I used to thrive on being busy, always juggling several balls at once, my diary was full and I thought life in all its fullness meant cramming as much into it as possible! (Yes I am in a new season with children now grown up which of course makes simplifying easier. But there are lots of resources for intentionally slowing down at all stages of life if this interests you too.)

I’m now learning that less is indeed more, for me anyway. I’m discovering the delights of silent prayer and meditation. Step by step, I’m letting go of distractions, being much more intentional of how I spend my time, when I use my phone and am connected to it and I have a wardrobe of far fewer clothes. I’ve even just started leaving my phone downstairs at night and buying an old fashioned wind up alarm clock instead.

I used to think being busy meant my life had purpose and was full of what was important. But now I’m starting to realise that being addicted to “busy” as so many of us are, is not the best way for me to live.

So my word for 2020 is “Discipline”; intentionally making new habits and embracing a new way of living.

I recommend a book by John Mark Comer, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” if you’re interested in reading about this further.

It seems to me that slowing down and living with less distractions means that I am better able to walk in step with Jesus. I’m looking forward to our day on May 16th in Nottingham entitled “In Sync” – we would love you to join us then explore together what this means.
With love from Vicky Warnes

I share snippets of my simpler life on Instagram under my account The Craft Sanctuary if you would like to connect there.


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