Be kind

clipdealer_A127472038_previewPeople; I love you.
I love you who are like me.
Or not.
Black or white, male or female,
Young or old. Rich or poor.
Or somewhere in between.I love you who share my faith.
Or not.
Those of you who like to pray.
Or not.
I love you who have no faith at all;
I love you just the same!

I love you who live like me, or not.
You who like my music, my food,
my friends, my clothes.
Or not.
I love you who share my views.
Or not.
You who vote like me, or not.
You who want what I want. Or not.
You who smile back at me. Or not.
You who know where I’ve come from. Or not.
You who feel my pain. Or not.

I cannot stand in your shoes
Or walk on the path you tread.
I did not feel the pain you felt
or hear the words they said.
I cannot know what you long for
Or the things that make you smile
The dreams you still hold; buried deep,
Your sorrow or your trials.

And when you look at me,
You cannot know my pain.
Or how my heart weeps.
Me; privileged.
Spoilt even.
Blessed, clothed, fed,
and wanting for nothing.
Loved beyond measure
and with more than I deserve.
You cannot know that my prayer,
all day,
every day,
is that you and I will hold hands.
That there will be no more fighting.
Or hatred.
That you and I will smile,
across the road, the city and the world.

But I do know that we want the same.
You and I.
Me and you.
We want to love and be loved.
To eat, drink and be fed.
To feel safe and to live in peace.
Please, please,
Let us not waste these tears,
Let us love each other,
Let’s be kind.

Vicky Warnes.
Written from the heart,  5.6.2020

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