Who is this?

Who is this coming out of the wilderness,image1

Leaning on her beloved?

She walks slowly

Step after careful step.

Her name is on your palm

Etched in indelible ink,

She smiles

The smile of the knowing

And on her heart she bears the writings of your word,

Promises seared in tissue,

Deep permanence of truths.

Her soul is resting, not weary,

Her muscles do not ache

From carrying what is not her responsibility.

She has a posture of confidence,

A quiet inner strength

But she knows you are the source of all this.

So she walks slowly,

Leaning on you,

Step after careful step

The slow dance

Of the left, right, left, right,

Leaning on the one who knows the way,

Who carries the torch

That illuminates the hidden path

Buried by thorny brambles

Strangling wild flowers below,

The one who breathes slowly,

So she leans in closer

Until she can feel your heart,

Beating like the ticking clock that does not need rewinding,

The beating echo of time long ago,

And first order from chaos.

Here she comes, hair long

From the forty days of wandering

Lost and hungry

Locked in the desert place

And found by the wounded healer.

She’s coming home slowly,

Smiling inside

Heart entwined with yours

Dreams remoulded

And future promised.

Vicky Warnes


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