A Prayer

Dear ABBA Father,

For many years I have struggled to understand your character and love when Praying handsyour Word referred to you as Father.

I have allowed this world to dictate what a father was and it gave me a corrupt template. You have shown me how when I dared to come into your presence I would try to hide, I would plot my escape route. I would assess you, wondering if today, would be the day, you rejected me, hit me, ignored me, abused me. Was it possible to Hope to expect that you would continue to show me your love, your Father’s heart, your desire to have an intimate relationship with me?

What joy it brings to know without a shadow of a doubt that you have healed the wounds this world has inflicted. That your Word, which was before time has given me a new template that is pure. Thank you that I do not need to fear but can come boldly before you, that I can confidently run into your arms knowing that you will enfold me and love me in a way that is beyond my understanding. Thank you that I can’t outgrow your lap and that this is a secure place, a place of safety, protection, where I am shielded. Thank you that your love has and will continue to see me through every negative thing this world throws at me. That even when I can’t see it, feel it you are there by my side working.

ABBA Father, Thank you that you walk with me. I chose to hold your hand. I have so much still to learn that I don’t yet understand. As we walk together fIll my mind with wonder and my heart with love. Yes, I continue to watch each and every day, as we walk hand in hand. Not out of fear but because I want to be just like you. So take my hand in yours and lead me on.

Tess Vernon (A Friend of Free Range Chicks)

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