Stepping into the Future

I am writing this in my ‘birthday week’. I will be 53 years on the planet on Thursday. ‘I don’t BELIEVE it’….I really don’t. I feel as though I am reading someone else’s blog and often I think I am leading someone else’s life. On my gray-clouds-sunrise-JL3KZVX50th birthday I stared at all the cards on the mantlepiece and had to pinch myself. I realised I had always judged 50 as ‘old’. Victor Hugo once said ’40 is the old age of youth and 50 is the youth of old age’. What on earth did the future hold for me – just old age? I wanted to run the race with Jesus but what could he do with this ‘old bird’?

As a young woman I never understood when my grandmother would say ‘I still feel 17’ – I’d look at her and think ‘Just look in the mirror – you’re definitely not 17!’. It took me years to understand that our spirit is eternal and youthful, our human shell ages but our spirit remains young. I believe that is why there is such a focus on looking younger. When we see ourselves in the mirror we don’t look how we feel inside. When we die, our resurrected bodies, in Christ Jesus, will reflect our eternal youth.

Anyway, a lot has happened in three years. I lost my business when my main client gave me notice and then stopped paying me. I had to learn about the process of small claims court and had my first (and hopefully last) experience of attending court. At 51 I had a diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent treatment. At 52 I got suspected COVID pneumonia and was unwell for a number of months. Last summer I had the God-given inspiration to start two new ventures. I’m now also involved in two other Christian ministries which have grown exponentially over the last 6 months.

And here I am looking down the barrel of my 54th year wondering what on earth God has in store for me next.

None of us could ever have imagined at the November 2019 Free Range Chicks conference that we would have had the year we have just had, and as we come out of it to a very different normal, there is time for reflection.

What has God done with you over the last 12 months, how has He changed you? What have you learned and what will you take into this new future?

Whatever lies in store for us, we need to remember that we will always have a place in fulfilling God’s purposes until the day we die. If we are still here now after everything, He still has plans for us in His purposes.

If you are not sure what they are, seek Him. Fast and Pray and ask Him what you are to do now. In all things reach out to your Father, who sees and knows everything and who loves you beyond measure.

I am reminded of Caleb who as a spritely 85 year old went out to claim his inheritance in the promised land with boldness and feeling as strong as he did when Moses had sent him out 40 years earlier – as vigorous to do battle as he was then.

So, I thank God this week that I am still on this planet and however uncertain the future may still look, I know that Jesus has remained my rock and will always be there, no matter what. I pray that you will sense this truth for yourself as we step into a new and very different future.

I must admit, though,  that there is a part of me that looks forward to us all meeting in our youthful resurrected bodies sharing stories of our life on earth and how amazing God was from beginning to end.


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