Dignity Team

The Dignity Team

The Free Range Chicks Dignity Team with Vicky Taylor.
Left to Right: Vicky, Surien (South Africa), Karen (Ecuador), Kalisma (Venezuela), Mary (UK), Yordanka (Bulgaria).

On March 8th, 2014 we launched FRC Dignity. An arm of Free Range Chicks to bring hope and dignity to girls through providing menstruation provision and health education.

Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respects, it is one of the primary words in the first article of the universal declaration of human rights; yet it is ignored daily in many third world countries. Women of all ages are deprived of their right to basic health care. Basic health care can mean anything and this is the point of the charity dignity. One of the fundamental problems with female health care is that it is overlooked in the media as it is often seen as an awkward topic. But blissful ignorance cannot be a motivation for not discussing the lack of pragmatic support for women’s menstruation. The aim of the charity of Dignity is to not just raise money to support these girls and women but make people aware of the issues that they face. The charity is going to bring dignity and worth to girls by creating self-sustaining projects where enterprising women can develop tools to guide them through puberty rather than them suffering alone. Malawi sees only 28% of children attending primary school, how can we expect young girls to understand the science behind puberty and the measures needed to be healthy, if they don’t get a basic education? Dignity will not only teach children about the changes their body will undergo, but finance sustainable methods to deal with the periods in a beneficial way. It costs less than £10 to change the life chances of a girl through Dignity so why not get involved.

So how can you support?
· By giving via Text- to FRCD01 + donation amount £3/£5/£10 to 70070
· By praying and being a part of this exciting project- email Rebecca Paynter
· By doing some fundraising and becoming a Dignity Champion a voice for the girls who have no voice. Giving hope to those who feel forgotten and shame.

Many thanks

Vicky Taylor

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