Dignity – A Free Range Chicks Initiative

FRC Dignity – creating awareness and fundraising to keep girls in education in Malawi by providing sanitary pads and life education.

Did you know that 9 million girls in Africa (aged between 10 & 18) miss nearly a quarter of their education due to a lack of menstruation provision?

In a society where we take education for girls for granted, this statistic was just too staggering for us to ignore.  But what could we do to make a difference?  We got in touch with the African Child Trust (ACT) to see what we could do to help solve this problem.

We are working with ACT to bring life packs to the 1294 girls aged between 11-18 years in the Nyezera Primary School in the Phalombe District in Southern Malawi.  For just £9.99 a girl in Malawi can be given a 5-year life pack consisting of 3 pairs of cotton reusable panties and 7 biodegradable cotton pads.  Having this pack means she can stay in education.   Statistics show that this has many long-term benefits for her and her family in later years.


We are also developing education resources for schools and are partnering with GILEP to get involved with the project and encourage people to make a difference by raising the awareness and fundraising.

Many thanks to those who are fundraising and making Dignity known – every little makes a huge difference.  Just ten people donating a £1 can change a life. Why not join the army of supporters by getting involved today?  If you would like to buy a pack for a girl in Malawi you can donate by simply texting 70070 and quote FRCD01 or by sending a cheque to Free Range Chicks Dignity.

If you want to more about this exciting project and how to support it and/or be involved then please get in touch with Rebecca.

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