Maria’s Story

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Maria’s Story

As a committed Christian it was natural for Maria to turn to God when she was diagnosed with cancer that had progressed to the fourth stage. She has been miraculously healed and wants to proclaim that God is her Saviour, Provider, Healer and everlasting help.

Eleven months after Maria became a Christian she was diagnosed with a pretty rampant and aggressive cancer called High Grade Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She had three tumours in and around her 1st, 2nd and 3rd vertebrae which were causing her agonizing pain and immobility. One tumour at the base of her spine had amassed into her pelvic cavity and the cancer was racing up to her brain. A fourth tumour was found in the thoracic spine and the cancer had extensively infiltrated the bone marrow. The hip bone, abdomen and chest were all affected.

Maria received many words and prayers of encouragement from members of her local church and, just over a week after her first course of chemotherapy, Maria was prayed for by a travelling evangelist. This is what happened when Maria woke at 3.30 am in the morning, in her own words:

‘It was as though an inner voice was quietly and gently encouraging me to get out of bed and to stand beside it but I was not to reach for the crutches. As I obeyed, I found I could stand unaided . I could feel a renewal of strength in my knees and legs as I stood for a short while before getting back into bed. At about the same time the following morning I awoke and was aware of the same inner voice urging me to get out of bed and to walk around it, again unaided. I realized my legs and knees felt considerably more comfortable.

When I awoke in the early hours of the following morning I felt an immense beam of heat penetrate through my body into the area of the largest tumour. I lay quite motionless absorbing the amazing phenomenon, paralyzed with amazement, lost in wonder and peace. When I got up later that morning, my spine felt more comfortable. I was able to bend and I began to move slowly around the house without the aid of crutches. My clothes fitted me more comfortably and I could actually fasten my trousers. I just knew my big tumour had gone and that God had touched me!’

Maria found the pain had gone and had no need of the prescribed continuous morphine. A later physical examination could not detect the large tumour and a staging scan after just 3 courses of chemotherapy showed no sign of the cancer. She continued to receive the planned course of chemotherapy but all further treatment was suspended. On January 24 2000 Maria was shocked to discover, however, that her cancer had returned A further CT scan was performed to monitor the situation and Maria was transferred to the haematology department for immediate admission for high dose chemotherapy with her own stem cell support treatment.

On the morning of the treatment Maria suddenly found herself insisting that someone should check the scan results before starting her treatment. Amazingly, the scan did not show any sign of active Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. When they went on to check the results of the last blood test, they found they too were clear of the cancer! The consultant said there was nothing for her to treat so Maria could go home. Later Maria learned that a prayer meeting had been called by one of her church friends the night before to pray that she would not have to endure the grueling treatment. What a miracle!

The next morning Maria felt led to kneel at the end of her bed to thank God for all He’d done. In her words: ‘When I was ready to get up I pondered how I could do so without help. Inwardly I said ‘well Lord, if you got me down here you will have to get me up again’. Instantly, inwardly and very clearly I heard these words: Get up. I have healed you.’

Maria found she could walk unaided up and down stairs, could run around the house and even jump – something she had not been able to do since the cancer. She also discovered that the lymphoedema (an incurable condition caused by the cancer) which severely affected her legs had also been healed. Maria’s consultant oncologist wrote in her notes that the only explanation for her recovery was prayer at her local church. On 22 June 2005, five and a half years after the second miracle, Maria’s consultant confidently discharged her from his patient list. 

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