Top Tips for Parenting

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Top Tips for Parenting

Top tips for parenting:

As parents our job feels never ending. I would like to offer my top tips for making a good parent: 

1) Love your children unconditionally
2) Love your children unconditionally
3) Love your children unconditionally
4) Love your children unconditionally
5) Love your children unconditionally

Yes as a mother of four- loving your children and showing them your love is in my opinion the key to being the best parent you could be. Gary Chapman in Five languages of Love gives us some tools on how to love them in an effective way.

There are five love languages:

Physical Touch
Words of Encouragement
Service-Doing things for others
Quality Time

Each of us receives and gives love in 1 or 2 of the preferred five languages. You may be loving your child but not speaking their love language i.e. you are cleaning their room, making tea but they never seem grateful, their love language could be quality time and so because you don’t spend anytime just being together and talking or sharing an activity other than TV – they don’t feel loved. 

What is your love language?
What is your childrens’ love language?

Why not talk about it or read the book for further information.

A warning: This tool could transform your home!