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Discuss all things to do with the Free Ranges Chicks conferences here
440:00 GMT, 3 Feb 09Caroline
Current Events
A place to discuss how the current world situation is affecting our walk with Christ and what as followers of Jesus we can do about it.
Make A Difference for God.
Free Range Chicks isn’t just about meeting online or going to conferences. We want to empower you to Make A Difference in your world.
Share your suggestions, feedback, site problems here.
His blood
Jesus had blood running into His eyes to cleanse my eyes of all the horrible things I let them see. He had blood running over His ears to heal the horrible things I’ve allowed my self to listen to. He had blood running over His mouth to take away all the cruel things I have said. He has set me free because He died for me. Let Jesus set you free too From Peggy
Being free!
I’m often reminded of the picture of the caterpillar being freed to be a butterfly. It is an amazing transformation! The resistance and friction in the cocoon creates the strength in the wings of the butterfly and without the friction it would not realise it’s full potential. I would love to hear from anyone who can relate to this story and so email me at [email protected]
New Beginnings
230:00 GMT, 9 Mar 07Margaret
Going through a difficult time? Talk it through with other women here… ADT