The Power of your Mind

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The Power of your Mind

Many of us have unfilled lives because our belief system holds us back. Well today I have good news for you. It needn’t! We have a heavenly resource of thoughts which can change our lives. How can they you may be asking? Well, if you reflect on the ten thoughts below and if they clash with your negatives thoughts, then disarm your thoughts and make up your mind to think a different way. 

Every one has choices, life is full of choices. It’s the same about your thought. In the Bible it says “As a person thinks so she is.” These words are so powerful. If you think you can’t you can’t, if you think you are naughty you will act in a naughty way. My challenge is for you to lay down your comfort thoughts and embrace thoughts which will empower you to fulfil your potential.

1.   Created for a purpose
2.   Valued for uniqueness
3.   Enjoyed by the Creator
4.   All things are possible
5.   Faith is the substance of things not yet seen
6.   Eyes are the lamp unto the body
7.   Vision creates hope
8.   Every day is a new start
9.   You can be forgiven
10. Renew your mind

The Good Life Conference – The Power of the Mind
Debbie Bullock’s session entitled the Power of the Mind challenged our thoughts and perceptions and made us think how we can make the most of our lives. Here are her powerpoint slides for those who didn’t take notes.